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A Night of Magic

Published September 29, 2013 by oddacity designs

Recently the little village of Bear River enjoyed a magical transcendence for one wonderful evening, with the illuminated lantern event organized by Amy Rubin Flett.

Acting as an individual, Amy received a grant from Youth and Culture to light up the town in a whole new way. With two students working through the summer, amazing lanterns were created and the visual was complimented with the sounds of  music and story telling. The result?  Just ask any one of the dozens of people who wandered happily through the village that night.

Because for that one night, everyone looked happy.

Thank you Amy.

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A trip to the 60’s

Published September 12, 2013 by oddacity designs

Back in the spring, a great music event was held at Myrtle and Rosie’s to celebrate Diane’s birthday.  The theme was the ’60s, and the results were…..groovy, man.  It’s just another example of how folks in Bear River manage to have some fun!

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We all look forward to the next 60’s bash, cause if you lived it, you can’t remember it!

A Great Reason to celebrate!

Published September 2, 2013 by oddacity designs

The weather was perfect, and the occasion sublime!  The grand opening of the Bear River Millyard cottages was a complete success in every way!

Those interested in the exciting development of the Bear River Recreation Millyard , and the future of Bear River, gathered on the shores of Bear River on Aug. 17 for a fun filled evening of food, music and comraderie.  During the course of the evening the guests were treated to a look at the fabulous new accommodations, a glimpse of the new book about Bear River, fabulous food, remarks about the development of the property and delightful music by George Sloane, Dan Lagan, Jack Fuller and guest flutist, Ai.

The little yellow houses are the brilliant design of Frank Zimmeck, a true artist, and the guests delighted in the remarkable detail work that adorn  the cottages.  In fact, they delighted in everything about them…especially the view!

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