Films:from the past and present

This Old Photo montage of Bear River by Brad Le Jeune is beautifully done!

This is an excerpt from the book by Mary Marvin McLeod, soon to be available: it is a work of love by her son John McLeod.

This little film was done by Tim Wilson for the Bear River Board of Trade in 2008.

Two Bearriverites productions did the fastest tour of Bear River possible: there’s a whole lot of road going on!

This one by Property Geek gives a nice little vignette of the downtown.

Here’s a great piece by John McLeod: soon to have a wonderful new book about Bear River :

Watch the tide go down to some great music

Then we have a tribute to the work of our fabulous volunteer fire department…

And then this very sad one showing the vandalism done to the windmill by Rick Jacques and the Bear River Board of Trade: June  2010

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