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Village news July 2015

Published July 10, 2015 by oddacity designs

Francois Bellefontaine spent some time in June back in Montreal and returned to entertain some family and friends. Tiring of that he went to visit a friend for a few days.
We are thrilled to announce that Karen Mansfield’s last test results showed completely positive results. Horray Karen!
Simone Sleeth Wilson celebrated birthday times at the Milford House with the boys and friends.
Unfortunately Darla and River Anderson have departed for points south. But the good news is, Joe Zawko has arrived for the summer months, and is busy getting into a social whirl.
Welcome back to Dove Ballon and Alan Dale who are here for their 20th summer. Incredible.
Zoe Onysko was happy to entertain friends from different parts of Canada during June.
Carol and Hayden Jones or Monmouth, Wales, spent 10 days visiting the village and all their good friends they have here.
Cindy O’Donnell has broken new running records! Congratulations, and go girl go!
Harvey Marcotte has returned after spending some time in Rhode Island.
Micheal Glover has returned to Bear River after many years in California. Welcome back!
Leslie Milbury is now home from the hospital and is doing much better. Great News!
Flora Doehler spent some time in”the most beautiful place in the world”, Brier Island, where she did some painting. She has also been spending time working on a solution to the Greek economic crisis.
Ben Wilson is off to CFB Gagetown to continue his cadet training.
Sandi Burrel has returned home after living in Alberta for the past little while.
Congratulations to Nathan Waterman and Rose Meuse on the new addition to thier family. Declan Meuse Waterman arrived in June, a a real bundle of joy, and a little brother for Cedar Rose.
A lovely solstice party was held at the home of Suzie Jacques and Jack Fuller..with great music food and company.
George Sloan and Susan Friend celebrate the fifth anniversary of their move to Bear River on July 14.
Glendean Parker is back in Bear River after her delightful cross country trip.
Frank and Petra Ziemmeck arrived from Berlin to spend a quick visit on their way to Yarmouth.
Dick Rampen and Cathy Zach are back for another summer and looking forward to good weather.
Welcome to Carolyn Buck and Norman Stiff who have just moved to Bear River from Ontario. They are now happily settled in the former Fran Fetter home.
Gertrude and Bob Benson were pleasantly surprised and happy to have Marg and Richard Allen of Yarmouth drop by for a visit in June.
Birthdays: JULY
Marsha Buckler July 3,
Jennifer Ring July 4,
Sue Long July 11
Donna Perkins July 13
Donna Ellis Peck July 17
Edith Jefferson July 18,
Michael Pierce July 21,
Gary Hurlock July 23
Mary Allen July 28
Mary Golding July 19
Arthur Isles turns 95 July 30
August Birthdays
Jane Porter Aug 2
Margie Cooper: Aug 3
Kelly Gilliam, ` Aug 3
Blake Potter, ` Aug.3
Bobby Perkins, Aug 4
Lilas Peck, Aug 4
Tom Mullen, Aug 8
Bob Benson: Aug 12
A belated happy birthday to Bonnie McLeod who celebrated June 27.

Congratulations to Barry and Sheila
Cassidy who celebrate 53 years together
on July 14.
Jennifer & Darren Ring, celebrating 24
years July 20th.

Canada Day was back in town this year and the fun loving crowd really appreciated it. Lots of music and games and food…and the fireworks were amazing..thanks to Teresa Dawson, Darryl Jelfs and Glen Rice. But the big thanks goes to Teresa Henshaw who got the celebration back into the day in Bear River, and her amazing crew of volunteers. That’s what a community is all about isn’t it? Or is it what Canada is all about?
Rodent Race winners
1st – Julie Harris with Silver the Gerbil
2nd – Skylar Harris with Winchester the Gerbil
Pet Fashion Show winners
1st – Julie Harris with Mia the goat
2nd – Abby Meuse with Doozer in the baby stroller
3rd – Sonya Dondale with Chloe the Yorkie
The event was partially sponsored by Karen Mansfield
The Vintage Bear River Photo Contest winners
1st – Valerie Wilcox with collage of her Miller grandparents wedding.
2nd – Francois Bellefontaine with a photo of WWI with young Bear River men in uniform taken on the Oakdene ball field.
3rd – Valerie Wilcox with a panorama of Lake Joli Mill.
This event was sponsored by Bear River Millyard Recreation.

Cherry Carnival
This year’s Cherry Carnival celebrates 122 years of cherriness in Bear River on July 18th. That’s a lot to celebrate…so of course there will be all the beloved events including the street parade in the morning , the greased pole in the afternoon, and the fabulous fireworks at night. Don’t miss all the fun in between either. Check out the posters around town. Out wonderful volunteer fire department puts a lot of work into making this day a success and deserve everyone’s support…be there or be square!

The Bear River Board of Trade finally did someting but it wasn’t anything to brag about. In fact it is pretty awful. You can read all about it at
In the meantime, the Bof T continues to ignore the waterfront park and the Green Lantern Building, both of which have become town eyesores.
Larry Knox, pres., Duff Wilson, Vice Pres, Dan Lagan, secretary, Chris Tibbs, treasurer, directors: Jon Welch, Kelly Foxton, Rob Buckland-Nicks, Kris Murdock, Ken Fleet.

New Horizons
New Horizons are once again serving their delicious cold plate luncheon from 12 to 1;30 on Cherry Carnival Day. What’s a cold plate luncheon you ask? It includes potato salad, cole slaw, ham, a roll, and tea or coffee.

Pat on the Back
Big thanks to Brad LeJeune who saw how bad the waterfront park looked and went home and got his lawn mower. Obviously the B of T isn’t going to do it, so someone has to. Great Job!

The Bear River Trading Company is having a facelift and important renovations done and while there are a lot of complaints about the colors, at least it is looking fresh again.

a fresh coat

a fresh coat

Canada Day in Bear River

Published July 9, 2015 by oddacity designs

The Bear River Board of Trade abandoned the sponsorship of the Canada Day celebrations a few years ago, for lack of vision and volunteers. But happily the Bear River Legion decided to fill the void and put the party back into the holiday. Teresa Henshaw, organizer extraordinaire took on the task and rounded up the veteran and skilled volunteers and it all added up to a great day of food, fun, music and camaraderie.  And a truly great display of fireworks…WOW!

The photos tell the story…

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Rodent Race winners

1st  – Julie Harris with Silver the Gerbil

2nd – Skylar Harris with Winchester the Gerbil
Pet Fashion Show winners

1st  –  Julie Harris with Mia the goat

2nd – Abby Meuse  with Doozer in the baby stroller

3rd – Sonya Dondale with Chloe the Yorkie

The event was partially sponsored by Karen Mansfield

The Vintage Bear River Photo Contest winners

1st  – Valerie Wilcox with collage of her Miller grandparents wedding.

2nd – Francois Bellefontaine with a photo of WWI with young Bear River men in uniform taken on the Oakdene ball field.

3rd – Valerie Wilcox with a panorama of Lake Joli Mill.

This event was sponsored by Bear River Millyard Recreation

BIG THANKS to those who helped  Teresa Henshaw with the Bear River Canada Day Celebration, all day! They are Bob Benson, John Masters, Gary Hurlock, David Chamberland, Suzanne Jacques, Jack Fuller,
Drew Bradley,
Doug Robicheau, Mark Pettipas, Manwel Taylor, Kim Trimper, Ruth Darres, Bonnie MacLeod, François Bellefontaine, Paula Prime, Shannon Trimper, Karen Smith for having the nail painting booth, Darryl Jelfs, Teresa Dawson, for doing an excellent job executing the Fireworks, Glenn Rice, (fireworks prep.) the Legion Ladies Auxiliary for providing the supper & the Bear River Legion for hosting. Also thanks to the businesses in Digby, Cornwallis & Bear River who donated to this event, all their contributions made this event much better. I hope everyone who attended had a great day outdoors on our Country’s birthday! I’m proud of the job we did…(signed Teresa Henshaw  )

So now we are back into the swing of things and have restored Canada Day to where it belongs, lets make it bigger and better next year….see you there!


Published December 22, 2013 by oddacity designs

There may be a few Scrooges and Grinches in Bear River, but most of  the folks around town still know how to celebrate the season. Our fabulous volunteer fire department came through with another village Christmas tree this year, and the trees and candy canes across town makes the town a special “Bear River festive”.  The folks up on Landsdowne Rd. really got into the spirit with their amazing array of Christmas lights.  Even the Flight of Fancy got into the act.

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Then there are the Christmas, “must do” events.  Since it is Noel Lalonde’s  birthday, Myrtle and Rosie’s has a special Friday night celebration, and this year everyone was supposed to put on the dog.  Diane, stole the show and declared herself the winner in an outfit created for her by Zoë , and everyone had to agree!

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For thirty years, give or take, the Greenland crowd has put on a Christmas concert, that has become famous, and rightly so. With the talents of the Hewey family and the Greg Peck family, how could it go wrong?  The little church gets standing room only crowds.  With guest appearances from Elvis and Red Green, we can understand why! We are truly blessed to have such people of talent in our community.

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And then there are those who really know how to go over the top when it comes to Christmas decor.  Right here in Bear River is someone who devotes herself and her home to every aspect of the festive season. Talk about extreme decorating.  Wow, is all we can say. ( Some of these acquaintances do look like hobos!)

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Social news/ November 2013

Published November 4, 2013 by oddacity designs
Paul and Gretchen Volenick have returned from a trip to the New England States where they enjoyed visiting various members of the family, especially grandchildren. 
Frank and Jean Marshall have returned from their annual shopping trip to Bangor where they enjoyed the scenery and the shopping.  It’s great to see Jean walking the River Rd.again.
Glendon and Bev Milbury went off to enjoy the colorful leaves in the Eastern U.S. and missed a few nice ones here.
Zoe Onysko enjoyed several days on the north shore and Cape Breton with a friend in early October.  The Cabot Trail was better than ever!
A big farewell bash was held at the RC Legion recently to say sayonara to Cecil Hooper who is off to Malta on a mission for a few months. Hope he sends some postcards!
Jane (Hamill) Gray has packed her bags and moved to London Ontario.  We wish her well in her future pursuits.
Gary Tooley has also moved, but only as far as Salmon River.  We hope he makes as many friends there as he had here in Bear River.
Mike Read recently traveled to Ontario.
Sue Friend and George Sloane managed to get their roof shingled just in time for the winter, with help from good buddy, Jon Welch.
We are sad to report that Diane and Noel LaLonde have headed to Florida to tend to Diane’s son who was recently injured in a vehicular accident.
There was a party out at the camp to celebrate Harold Porter’s 90th birthday last month and we wish him belated birthday greetings!
Glynnis Jones and Russell Quinn enjoyed a visit from Glynnis’ son from British Columbia.  Glynnis then went off to Ottawa to do some serious sightseeing.
After decades in Bear River, Bud and Dorothy Denton have moved to Dartmouth to be with their daughter.  We wish them all the best and will certainly miss them.
Francois Bellefontaine is still resting in Montreal before he begins the next round of world travels.
Flora Doehler is excited about her new greenhouse that she recently got on sale, and all the gardening possibilities for next season.  In the meantime she is busy making leek and swiss chard pies.
Sue Richmond is on her way back to California for another winter, and looking forward to returning next year.
We sadly waved goodbye to John and Linda McSweeney who headed back to Florida for good, after selling their home on River Rd. We wish them well in the future.
Charles Coupar and daughter, Claudia are spending the winter in Provincetown, Mass.
Condolences to the family of John Lagan who passed away in late October.
Congratulations to the proud parents Matthew and Joy Henshaw on the arrival of new baby girl, Evelyn.  Happy grandparents are Darlene and Rodney Peck.
The Millyard Recreation Cottages and campground has passed the inspection by the Dept. of Tourism and are now licensed accommodations and will be included in next year’s Doer’s and Dreamer’s guide.  Congratulations to Bob Benson for making his vision a reality!

Remembrance Day: Lest We Forget

This year’s Remembrance Day service will be held at the Baptist Church at 9:45, followed by the laying of the wreaths at the cenotaph.  A supper will be held at the Legion at 5 pm, veterans are free and all others just $5.00.


Peggy Chisholm, Nov 4
Elizabeth Mount, Nov. 7
Ann Brown, Nov 9
Janet Postma, Nov 10
John Parker, Nov 12
Francois Bellefontaine, Nov 19
Diane Milbury, Nov 26
Shelly Rice, Nov 30

Fall in Bear River 2013

Published October 20, 2013 by oddacity designs

It was great weather and lots of things to do this fall in Bear River.  And of course the leaves are just ‘oh so lovely”!

The Annapolis Highland Vineyards held their annual harvest celebration with guest musicians, THE NAMING OF THE TWINS.

The crowd enjoys the music, the weather and the great wine and food at the Annapolis Highland Vineyards!

The crowd enjoys the music, the weather and the great wine and food at the Annapolis Highland Vineyards!

After that it was a blur with so much going on!  Check it out!

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My Acquaintance Looks like a Hobo… 

A few residents got into the fall spirit with some funny looking characters in their yards…

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And then there is just some spectacular color.

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A Night of Magic

Published September 29, 2013 by oddacity designs

Recently the little village of Bear River enjoyed a magical transcendence for one wonderful evening, with the illuminated lantern event organized by Amy Rubin Flett.

Acting as an individual, Amy received a grant from Youth and Culture to light up the town in a whole new way. With two students working through the summer, amazing lanterns were created and the visual was complimented with the sounds of  music and story telling. The result?  Just ask any one of the dozens of people who wandered happily through the village that night.

Because for that one night, everyone looked happy.

Thank you Amy.

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A trip to the 60’s

Published September 12, 2013 by oddacity designs

Back in the spring, a great music event was held at Myrtle and Rosie’s to celebrate Diane’s birthday.  The theme was the ’60s, and the results were…..groovy, man.  It’s just another example of how folks in Bear River manage to have some fun!

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We all look forward to the next 60’s bash, cause if you lived it, you can’t remember it!

The Bear River Winter Carnival: February 14-17/2013

Published February 18, 2013 by oddacity designs

The Sixth Annual Bear River Winter carnival took place with rave reviews and while the weather was too mild for skating and too stormy on Sunday for the long trek events, the whole shebang was definitely a success and we all look forward to next year’s version.

And the fireworks were amazing!

Thanks to all the volunteers who put it together….

The week of Sept. 8 to 15 2012

Published September 16, 2012 by oddacity designs


In Bear River, Nova Scotia this week…

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The Annapolis Highland Winery held their third annual fall festival and the weather was perfect, as was the food and wine.  Music on the deck had everyone relaxed and enjoying the view while sampling different vintages from this award winning winery.  Bear River is fortunate indeed to have such a thriving and exceptional enterprise in our backyard!

The Bass Fishing Tournament was held on Sept. 15 with absolutely no fish caught.  But as co-chair Fred Miller said: “No big deal; everyone had a great time anyway and that’s what it’s all about!”

But someone caught a big one….The Winner of the $1000 prize for biggest fish from the Bear River Millyard Recreation is Brian (B.J) Trimper.  Nice job guys…congratulations!

This one didn’t get away!