Bear River is a small town in rural Nova Scotia (pop 900) set alongside a tidal river at the bottom of a steep set of hills. It has a rich and wonderful history. It is also a magnet for eccentrics and those who can’t cope with living in the real world.

This site is a story of yin and yang. It reveals the taoist principle of no matter what you start out with  you will end up with the opposite.

It is a study in sociology and psychology. And history.

For continuing articles about the current mayhem of the political scene and the players involved, visit thebearrivertides.com and marvel at the stupidity and incompetence of the group that thinks they are smarter than the average local….many of whom they refer to as riff-raff.


The monthly newsletter for the village (The Tides) is also available on that site.

This site looks at the whos, whys and where-fors. And the good the bad and the really ugly. No names will be changed to protect anyone.


The stories are real.

It would be impossible to make this stuff up.

Living here is theater-in-the-round. Keep your eyes and ears open, and always listen to Walter.

Real life or delusion…you decide.

To contact us with comments or information email:   thebearrivertides@gmail.com

A view of Bear River circa 1890 when all was right with the world. Men were men who  built and sailed in ships and felled trees.

This is Bear River now. The economy is dependent on tourism and retirees. According to some, men are men who make art.

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