Fifty Three years and Counting

Published August 6, 2015 by oddacity designs

It was July 14th. 1962. Fifty Three years ago, and the day Barry and Sheila Cassidy tied the knot and became man and wife.  What a lot of water under the bridge, most of it in Bear River where they moved in 1972. Hallelujah.

So it was a great occasion for a celebration, and celebrate they did, with a wonderful gathering of friends and an enormous amount of incredibly delicious food.

Fortunately, both the Cassidy’s have a delicious sense of humor….maybe you can tell by the cake they ordered…

the cake, complete with photo made of icing!

the cake, complete with photo made of icing!

In case you can’t make it out, the writing with the arrow says “I’m with stupid”  Needless to say the cake was a huge success.

Many more happy anniversaries to this fantastic couple.

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