Canada Day in Bear River

Published July 9, 2015 by oddacity designs

The Bear River Board of Trade abandoned the sponsorship of the Canada Day celebrations a few years ago, for lack of vision and volunteers. But happily the Bear River Legion decided to fill the void and put the party back into the holiday. Teresa Henshaw, organizer extraordinaire took on the task and rounded up the veteran and skilled volunteers and it all added up to a great day of food, fun, music and camaraderie.  And a truly great display of fireworks…WOW!

The photos tell the story…

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Rodent Race winners

1st  – Julie Harris with Silver the Gerbil

2nd – Skylar Harris with Winchester the Gerbil
Pet Fashion Show winners

1st  –  Julie Harris with Mia the goat

2nd – Abby Meuse  with Doozer in the baby stroller

3rd – Sonya Dondale with Chloe the Yorkie

The event was partially sponsored by Karen Mansfield

The Vintage Bear River Photo Contest winners

1st  – Valerie Wilcox with collage of her Miller grandparents wedding.

2nd – Francois Bellefontaine with a photo of WWI with young Bear River men in uniform taken on the Oakdene ball field.

3rd – Valerie Wilcox with a panorama of Lake Joli Mill.

This event was sponsored by Bear River Millyard Recreation

BIG THANKS to those who helped  Teresa Henshaw with the Bear River Canada Day Celebration, all day! They are Bob Benson, John Masters, Gary Hurlock, David Chamberland, Suzanne Jacques, Jack Fuller,
Drew Bradley,
Doug Robicheau, Mark Pettipas, Manwel Taylor, Kim Trimper, Ruth Darres, Bonnie MacLeod, François Bellefontaine, Paula Prime, Shannon Trimper, Karen Smith for having the nail painting booth, Darryl Jelfs, Teresa Dawson, for doing an excellent job executing the Fireworks, Glenn Rice, (fireworks prep.) the Legion Ladies Auxiliary for providing the supper & the Bear River Legion for hosting. Also thanks to the businesses in Digby, Cornwallis & Bear River who donated to this event, all their contributions made this event much better. I hope everyone who attended had a great day outdoors on our Country’s birthday! I’m proud of the job we did…(signed Teresa Henshaw  )

So now we are back into the swing of things and have restored Canada Day to where it belongs, lets make it bigger and better next year….see you there!

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