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The Great Oakdene Art Event

Published November 10, 2013 by oddacity designs

As if the fabulous color outside wasn’t enough, the group at Oakdene Center flung open the doors to strut their stuff to the community at large.   The studios were cleaned and gussied up and the art beautifully displayed.

A gala opening was held on Friday,  Oct. 18th with food and music and even some wine.  And the event ran through Saturday and Sunday with lots of lookers.

The Oakdene studio artists are Ken Flett,  Rebekah Wetmore, Claire Thorbes, Kelli Jansen, Joan Stanley, Michael Jacques, and Kelly Foxton.

In addition to the studio artists, several other members of the village hung their art, including Sandy Leonard, Cathy Banks, Cheryl Stone, Ann Zimmerman, Craig Dorsey, Gary Fraser,  Marilyn Preus and what art exhibit would be complete without something from Flora Doehler!

See for yourself….

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Claire Thorbes does portraits of pets.  If you would like to commission a work, you can contact her at 467-0518, or  Visit for more examples of her work.

Rebeckah Wetmore recently moved to the area from Massachusetts.   You can see more of her work at