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Village news: March 20/21, 2012

Published March 20, 2012 by oddacity designs

The Bear River Tides is published at the beginning of each month, but a lot of folks just don’t want to wait that long between thrills.  So here you will find out what’s going on, without losing your patience!

March 21: 

Was it luck or skill that decided the winners of the recent Scotch doubles tournament at the Bear River Legion?  Walking away with the trophy were Squid Kennedy and Sean Andrews, while “Hoyt” Barry Frost and Steve Cole took the money and the turkeys.  Congratulations!

March 20:

Condolences to the family and friends of Robert Foster who passed away  recently in Massachusetts, surrounded by his family.  We will certainly miss his wonderful smile and positive attitude on life: and seeing him drive through town with the top down and the wind blowing through his hair.


At the Bear River Board of Trade Annual General Meeting on March 19th, it was revealed that the Board of Trade will no longer run the Visitor Information Center, and is looking for ways to eliminate the burden of property” guardianship”, such as the waterfront park and the Green Lantern building.  Last year they went into debt by $5800, $3700 of which went to pay legal fees for Rick Jacques and unnecessary surveyors.

According to Rick Jacques, this year they will focus on raising money to get out of debt and rethink their reason for being.

Kelly Foxton has resigned as president, and there was no one to fill the position of secretary.  All members but one are either executive or directors.

The new president is Larry Knox.

Much more will be written about this in the upcoming weeks in



Bear River Bargains and Books is moving!  But don’t worry, Paul Volenik is not going far: just across the street to the Rebekah building, taking over the space being vacated by the Bare Canvas Gallery, which is no more.  He hopes to be settled in and ready for treasure hunters in April.


Home Again, Home Again

The good news is that Ginny and Emily Hurlock have returned safely from their travels in Costa Rica.  The bad news is that they didn’t get to visit the baby sloth rehabilitation center.  Oh well, maybe next year.


Another First!

A huge congratulations to Teresa Dawson who has moved up to the rank of Second Lieutenant  at the Bear River Fire Department, making history as the first woman to do so!  Well done Teresa,  and keep up the great work.


Settling In

Sharon Norton’s mother, Miriam Cuthill is settling in at her new home at the Annapolis Royal Senior’s Residence and is receiving visitors.  Sharon and Alf are regular visitors and enjoying the Newfoundland style music that is performed in the home regularly.


How a Community Works

An amazing turnout for the benefit for Shayla Harris on Feb. 25,  brought in approximately $1900.00 to be used towards medical expenses for the upcoming baby. That’s the real Bear River that we know and love at work!

A big pat on the back for Donna Perkins who did the organizing of it all.